May 26, 2019, 11:02 am

Arman Easy Open Company (Moniran) has founded in 2009 and came into operation in 2013 depending on it's manager's expriences about the food and packing industry and based on growing need of easy open ends in the market, the company was specialized in the manufacturing of EOE.

Regarding to the previous record and past expriences of it's powerful managers, the chosen machines were adopted with the latest technology in the world.

The current product of this company which is considered as phase 1, is the various sizes of easy open ends with high quality and adopted international standards.

In phase 2, production of food and beverage cans with different sizes will be implemented.

At the moment, considering the increasing usage of easy open ends, it's expected that in the near future all food productions will make the consumption of EOE in priority.

Looking to a better future

Arman Easy Open Co., LTD (Moniran)